5 Tips To Remember For Valentines Day

Don’t show you remember, show that you care.

Can there be anything worse than not being able to get anything for your wife this Valentine’s Day? But before you derive a conclusion, give it a thought. Now, if you think yes, then you are very doomed because you have absolutely no idea what awaits you. If you think no, then be grateful because you are on the right track.

For those who think that no being able to realize what to buy this Valentine’s Day will not yield good results, then we are here for your rescue. Following are few tips; if followed, will make her realize that you didn’t just remember what to shop, you cared about getting her what she wants.


1. Listen to everything she says


There is still some days for the most romantic day to arrive. Until then, hear to every word your wife says to you. What if she is trying to make you realize what she wants? Try to read between her lines; try to decipher every meaning behind every pause.


Seems hard? Let’s start again.


Every conversation has a meaning. What if all she wants is just a red dress and a dinner? What if she is wondering if you could take a weekend off and set out to roam somewhere or what if she wants something for her home? What if she wants to spend the entire day with you working on her garden?


2 2. Get started with wardrobe


She doesn’t needs clothes, said no woman ever. Thus never neglect wardrobe. But before you step for apparel shopping, try to understand if your girl needs something more specific. Maybe she is trying to let you know she’s running short on jeans or that she needs a dress. So if you are thinking of getting a dress, you can always shop at stores like Debanham or ASOS, Dress Lily or Cupshe.


Who knows, her sneakers are worn out and she is waiting for that to be realized. Or that her wardrobe needs some updating with heels or pumps. So for the right shoes, give Shoebuy or Boohoo a visit.


3 3. Jewelry never hurts


A heart shaped pendant will never go amiss. And for the day of love, what is better than a heart? Try for some ethereal bracelet or studs that glimmer from a distance. Since chokers are so much in, why not get that? For more jewelry choice, you can always see what stores like Matalan, Lulus or Saks Fifth Avenue.

4. Home is where your heart is

one who turns your house into a home; why not help her decorate her? This Valentine’s Day bring love to your home as you bring a prepossessing vase or a classy rug. Some kitchen accessories are not a bad idea either.

For more ideas for home décor, stores like Viva Terra, Pier1a and Bellacor are there for you.

5  5. Chocolates and red roses

Be it any Valentine’s Day, no matter what you do, just don’t forget a box of chocolates and a blooming rose which completes the feel.

So load your arms with a wrapped present, a red rose, a box of chocolate and you are set to spend the next three sixty five days in complete bliss.

And yes, you’re welcome. 


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